Atoms and Elements

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Atom the smallest type of particle that can exist by itself

Element - a substance made of only one type of atom

Molecules - two or more atoms joined together

Compound - two or more different atoms chemically bonded

All elements have their own symbol made up of one or two letters and the first letter is always a captial.

When two or more elemnts react, it is a chemical reation. The atoms don't just mix together but become joined to one another to make compounds. 

Mixtures and Compounds are both made up of two or more types of atom but only compounds are atoms chemically combined.

Solvent - base e.g. water

Solute - put into solvent e.g. salt

Solution - made of solute and solvent e.g. salt and water

Soluble - will dissolve

Insoluble - won't dissolve

Saturated Solution - can't disolve any more

Mixtures can be separated by distillation. 

1) The liquid and dissolved salt are heated up

2) The water begins to boil

3) The water turns into steam

4) The steam travels to the cool condenser

5) The condenser cools the steam

6) The


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