Atomic structure and the Periodic Table

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Atomic structure and the periodic table

Atomic structure:

The atom is made of three subatomic particles:

  • Protons - Charge of +1, relative mass of 1
  • Neutrons - Charge of 0, relative mass of 1
  • Electrons - Charge of -1, relative mass is negligible or 0

The nucleus: Protons and neutrons are found in the nucleus, they give the mass and atomic numbers

Electron shells: Electrons orbit the nucleus at set distances in shells, each can hold a certain number of electrons

  • 1st shell: 2
  • 2nd shell: 8
  • 3rd shell: 8
  • 4th shell: 2

The numbers of protons and electrons are equal in atoms, so the charges cancel out and the atom is


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