Atmospheric Circulation

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The Cells

Equator to 30o N/S - the Hadley Cell

30o to 60o N/S - the Ferrel Cell

60o N/S to North/South Pole - the Polar Cell

Winds (direction they blow in is the result of the Coriolis force)

Hadley Cell - trade winds - north-easterly in the northern hemisphere and south-easterly in the southern hempisphere

Ferrel Cell - south westerlies in the northern hemisphere and north westerlies in the southern hemisphere

Polar Cell - polar easterlies in both hemispheres

How it works...

At the Equator, the sun warms the Earth and this transfers heat to the air above, which causes it to rise. The rising air creates an area of low pressure with clouds and rain - this is called the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) and is where the trade winds meet in the…


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