Atlee's Govenment (1945-51)

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1945 won election

-'never again', people remembered hardships of interwar years (high unemployment, poverty)

-Beveridge report- Labour v. supportive wanted it to be implemented staight away, people wanted change

-Labour dominated home affairs while Conversative was more foreign affairs

-Campain- Labour manifesto was clear. Consevartive just focused on Churchill and slated Labour which didn't help campaign.


-Edcation reform (1944 R.A Butler)- compulsory educat. for children up to 15. Allowed for children to recieve better education, 3 types of schools.

-National issurance act (1946)- univesal, complusory contributions to protect against sickness, maternty, widowhood and retirement

-NHS (5th July 1948 Nye Bevan)- free medial care for all. Was difficult start because doctors opposed it but, Bevan 'stuffed…


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