Assault occasioning ABH

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Aggravating Factors

  • Victim is vulnerable
  • Based on sexual orientation or disability
  • Degree of premeditation
  • Intention to commit more serious harm
  • Leading role in a group or gang
  • Previous convictions
  • Offence commited whilst on bail
  • Location adn timing of offence
  • Ongoing effect upon the victim
  • Offence committed against those working in the public sector or providing a service to the public
  • Presence of others including relatives, especially children or partner of the victim
  • Gratuitous degradation of victim
  • In domestic violence cases, victim forced to leave their home
  • Failure to comply with current court orders
  • Offence committed whilst on licence
  • An attempt to conceal or dispose of evidence
  • Failure to respond to warnings or…


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