Asch Aims and Context

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Social influence is the study of how our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are affected by other people. Asch believed 'that social influences shape every person's practices, judgments and beliefs.' Everyone accepts what is true from those around them. Is everyone equally susceptible to group pressure, or can some resist and remain independent? 

However, what Asch was really interested in was to what extent to social forces constrain people's opinions and attitudes? 

Before the experiment, Asch looked into previous studies which suggested that most people can be hypnotised and that hypnotism was just an extreme form of a normal process known as suggestibility. 

Jenness conducted an early piece of research on conformity. He asked students to guess how many beans there were in a jar. They were then allowed to discuss their answers…




hiiii.. i wanted to ask if you have the findings & conclusions, methodology and alternative evidence for Asch? Thank you :)

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