AS Salter's Chemistry, Elements of Life, Key Ideas and Terms

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Atomic Number: Number of protons in the nucleus, same for every atom of an element.
Mass number: Number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus.
M.A.N.: Mass number at the top, atomic number at the bottom.
Relative atomic/formula mass: Mass of formula/atom relative to Carbon-12 = 12
Avogadro's constant: Number of units in 1 mole of substance. 6.02 x10^23
Isotopes: Atoms of the same element that have different numbers of neutrons, so have different mass numbers.
Relative isotopic mass: Average of masses of isotopes.
Number of moles in atoms = Mass in grams (divided by) Relative atomic mass
Empiricle formula: Amount (g or %) (divided by) Atomic mass. Devise a ratio between elements. Write formula according to the ratio.
Emission spectrum: Coloured lines on a black background, coloured lines show electrons falling from an energy shell to another.
Absorption spectrum: Black lines on a coloured background, black lines show how much energy is needed to promote electron to next shell.
(Delta) E: Difference between two energy levels. (Delta) E = h x v. h = Plank's constant and v = frequency.
Planck's constant…


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