AS Psychology- Memory

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Concept- Memory is about processing information.

The process goes;

Input(the information going in) ----- Processing(How the mind works on the information) ------ Output (The ability to recall/fail to recall information)

The two models of processing information:

  • Multi store Model (MSM)
  • Working Memory Model (WMM)

Key things when learning about memory are;

  • How much storage does the mind have?
  • How long can we keep information for?
  • Why do we forget?
  • How do we remember?
  • How is information encoded?

What is Encoding? Transferring information in to code.

Even though we have 5 senses, when working with memory researchers only really focus on two. The two senses are;

  • Iconic- Sight information. Information lasts 0.5 seconds 
  • Acoustic/echoic-Audio information '    ' 2.0 seconds.

3 Memory Systems (In the MSM);

  • Sensory Memory System- This is the first memory system that information comes to before either going to another memory system or being completely forgotten. The


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