AS Philosophy - The Teleological (Design) Argument

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Teleological Argument

  • It is concerned with the reason why everything in the world goes according to plan and how it functions orderly e.g. a food chain.
  • It is an a posteriori argument because it relies on experience and observed facts e.g. winter is cold.
  • This argument has two parts.

Argument to Design

  • Aquinas said that the reason why there is a form of innate intelligence (intelligence you just know, no one has to teach you it e.g. you know it's wrong to hurt someone without someone having to tell you) in the world is because there was a designer who made it that way.
  • This innate intelligence strives to achieve the best possible results.
  • Aquinas used the example of an arrow - the reason why it reaches its target is because the archer pointed it there.
  • This can be related to the design argument as you could say the reason why everything has a function is because an intelligent designer i.e. God made it like that.

Argument from Design

  • William Paley (1743 - 1805) was a theologian who had his own version of the Teleological Argument - 'Paley's Watch'.
  • He said that if he saw a stone on the floor he'd just ignore it because you'd assume…


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