AS Philosophy - Kant's Moral Argument

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The Moral Argument

  • Kant said it wasn't possible for us mere humans to acknowledge the existence of a supreme spiritual being like God, because He is beyond what we could ever experience.
  • We can only prove the probability that God exists, as we can't know for sure.
  • He said that there are some acts in the world that can be classed as universally (wholly) right or wrong e.g. we all know that murder is wrong.
  • This shows that there is an objective moral law that we all know.
  • We feel that we must go along with this law because it is the most 'right' thing to do.
  • This gives us a categorical imperative (a statement that says 'you should do this'). You would obey this without looking at what the outcome may be.
  • This can be described as 'duty' as it is an action which we do without anyone…


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