AS Philosophy - Creation

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The Big Bang Theory

  • In the 1920s Edwin Hubble found that the universe was expanding.
  • He calculated the speed at which stars were travelling away from us and the date at which this must have started.
  • He named this the 'Big Bang'.
  • It states that the universe started from just a few atoms which collided, energy and heat was released and all matter came into existence.

Theological Views of Creation - Creationism and Intelligent Design

  • Creationists believe that the Bible is factual evidence of how the world was created.
  • They think that the world was created in six days by God.
  • Other theologians say that God plays a part in the process of creation which is still going on today.
  • They believe that God is in touch with us in our everyday lives, He has a close relationship with humans and the natural world.
  • Evolutionism is also one of the biggest theories as to how the world is as it is today.


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