AS - PE - Arousal

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 'Arousal is the degree/intensity of excitement that prepares the person for performance'

 Drive Theory:

  •  An increase in arousal is proportional to an increase in quality of performance
  • But depends how well the skill has been learned……
  • Actions that have already been learned tend to be our dominant response
  • When pressured to respond our dominant response is most likely to occur
  • Hull suggested that as arousal increases more
  • likely dominant response will occur

 Inverted U Theory(Yerkes and Dobson):

  • An increase in arousal will lead to an increase in performance
  • Only up to an optimal point of moderate arousal
  • Over/under arousal beyond this point will lead to a decrease in performance and potential to learn
  • Every individual has a different optimal point


  • Field of attention widdens
  • Inability to focus on relevant


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