AS OCR Biology Unit 1 Module 2 Tissues in the Lungs

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The Role of each Tissue in the Lungs

1) Cartilage
- The cartilage plays a structural role
- It supports the trachea and bronchi by holding them open. This prevents collapse when the air pressure inside is low during inhalation
- The cartilage does not form a complete ring so there is some flexibility. This allows you to move your neck without constricting the airways. It also allows for the oesophagues ( this is the tube that carries food down to the stomach) to expand during swallowing.

2) Smooth Muscle
- The smooth muscle can contact
- When the smooth muscle contracts, it will constrict the airway
- This makes the lumen of the airway narrower
- The effect of the smooth muscle is most obvious in the brochioles
- Constricting the lumen can restrict the flow of


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