AS Law Unit 2 - Starting A Case

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  • Court fee - Depending on size/type of claim
  • Solicitors
  • Barristers
  • Can be claimed from other party if you win
  • If you lose may have to pay their legal fees
  • If you win other party may not have enough to pay your legal fees or to pay immediately
  • Damages may not be enough to cover all expenses

Court hearing

  • 5% of civil cases make it to court
  • Rest are settled outside of court
  • Covered by private law + courts have respect for people's privacy

Before Court

  • Pre-action protocol - Letter showing
    • How claim arised
    • Details of injury/other damage
    • Other relevant matters
  • Defendant has 3 months to reply
    • Admit/deny liability
    • Give reasons for denial


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