Actus Reus is the latin term meaning 'guilty action' in Hill v Baxter, Lord Goddard argued that an act must be voluntary, involuntary actions cannt satisfy the actus reus as seen in Wholley. The court accepted that his sneezing fit rendered his actions involuntary. However, sometimes people can be found guilty of a criminal offence for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, even if they had no control over their actions. in R v Larsonneur, the CA decided that she had not been rightly


athia karim


Hi everyone, i just wanted to explain a bit about myself and my notes. I finished alevels this year and re took law unit 2 whilst studying for my A2's alongside. i made essays for every topic in this unit and revised purely from them. I got an A in this unit and i got full marks in every essay i wrote ( i checked with my teacher). My sister also used them and achieved an A too. For now, ive only posted this essay as i i would like it if you read it first and if you prefer it for revision, request for the others (as posting them all now is too tiring lol). I personally think these essays are amazing and i would love to share them with everyone as i think theyll help!! 

Anyways!! happy revising and good luck :)