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Magistrate Training

Magistrates must go through certain training in order to deal with cases that would face the panel (made up of 2 'wingers' and a chairman). The training is delivered at local level and given by Justice's Clerks; it is supervised by The Judicial Studies Board.

New Magistrates

The initial training process for new magistrates contains three stages: initial introductory training, core training and activities

Initial Introductory Training

This covers matters such as understanding of the organisation of the bench and the administration of the court and the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the magistrates' court.

Core Training

This provides the new magistrate with the opportunity to acquire and develop key skills, knowledge and understanding required of a good/competent magistrate.


These will involve things like observations of court sittings and visits to establishments such as a prison or a probation office.

After the core training and observation of cases, a new magistrate will…


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