AS Law - Juries - selection, disqualification, deferral & excusal

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Juries Selection

Set out in the Juries Act 1974: Jurors are randomly selected by a computer holding the names of people who are on the electoral register, aged 18 - 70 and UK citizens or have lived in the UK for 5 years since their 13th birthday. This is done at the Central Summoning Bureau. Once selected if a juror fails to attend court then they may be fined or charged with contempt of court. 

Once at court there will be a drawing up of a panel of jurors (15), then vetting of jurors will take place (see AS law - juries - jury vetting). After that there will be a court clerk who randomly selects 12 of the original 15 panel of jurors to form the jury. Then, if it is


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