AS Law - Forms of Delegated Legislation

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"Delegated Legislation is law made by someone other than Parliament, but with the authority of Parliament" 

Orders In Council

  • drafted by the Government & given formal approval by the Queen and Privy Council 
  • made when ordinary statutory instruments would be inappropriate


    • transferring responsibilities between Government Departments e.g.Scotland Act 1998 
    • Dealing with foreign affairs e.g.Afghanistan Order 2001
      • makes it an offence to make funds available to any person/body associated with Osama Bin Laden or Taliban 
    • Times of national emergency when Parliament is not sitting e.g.Emergency Powers Act 1920
      • enabled Orders in Council to be made during the foot-and-mouth crisis (2001) and the fuel crisis (2000) 

Statutory Instruments 

  •  Most common form of Delegated Legislation (3662 made in 2007)
  • Authority given to Ministers & Government Departments to make regulations…


Pooja Kaur


these are some very helpful notes... even if i do say so myself ;) lol, on a serious note though, i hope these help you :D x

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