AS Latin Ovid Amores 3.14 Summary Notes

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            O V I D   A M O R E S   3.14            



The narrator (Ovid's persona) knows that his partner is unfaithful, but wishes to be blissfully ignorant of this, and pleads/orders her to pull the wool over his eyes.

This is a suasoria - a speech in which a particular course of action is advised. 


The word "peccase" (sin) is repeated 5 times, a key theme, and "pudor" (shame) is also featured significantly.

infidelity - pity for the man? pathetic wishes: e.g. "concedent verbis lumina nostra tuis" (my eyes will yield to your words)
*sin - "pecasse"

shame - "pudor"


__v v| _ _ | x   // ___  v   v   |  ___v  v  | ___
delici|is in|ple, // stet procul | inde pu|dor!


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