AS Geography, Unit 2, Fieldwork and Research Strategies

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Fieldwork (Primary techniques):

-Questionnaires, talking about sampling eg random, stratified etc (can be Social or Economic)

-EQS (Environmental Quality Survey), basically ranking the local area based on a variety of categories (categories can be SocialEconomic or Environmental)

-Pollution Survey, looking at litter in an area (Environmental)

-Car Count Survey, looking at traffic ineuqalities (Economic and Environmental)

-Bi-Polar Anaylsis, good and bad points of an area ( SocialEconomic or Environmental)

-Cost Benefit Analysis, comparing coastal defence stratagies (Economic)

-Longshore Drift Experiment, see which coasts are most affected by LSD (Environmental)

-Rock Pool Ecology experiment, see which coasts are ecologically important (Environmental)

-Shop Front survey, looking at shops in coastal tourist 'centres' and comparing with other coastlines (Economic)


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