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A significant element impacting on a pupil's experience of education is ethnicity, in which many sociologists have conducted studies involving ethnic minority students. Although different ethnic groups may share seperate experiences of the education system, it is easy to conclude from most studies that the majority have had negative experiences.

Many sociologists have found that a substantial factor contributing to these negative experiences is the racial discrimination they suffer particularly from authoritive figures such as teachers. In a study conducted by Tony Sewell at Township school in London he found that black male students were ignored and poorly motivated by teachers in comparison to other students. They didn't even try and disguise their feelings, it was open and overt racism. Mirza also conducted a study into African-Caribbean girls in education and she found similiar shocking findings to Sewell. Mnay teachers expected black students to fail and they weren't treated with the same amount of respect as other students and as though they had less competence in the subject. On the occasion they did help the girls, their help was patronising and they were treated as though they were stupid. Despite similiar…


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