AS english lang and lit food glorious food text 3 "the sweet menu"

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the poem is about a man who is eating out at a restaurant on his own and there are references to the fact that he is unhappy and disappointed suggesting he has been stood up by his girlfriend.

  • the poem is based around the sematic field of dance as there are a lot of words that relate to dance such as: 'clap', 'spin', 'pirouettes' and 'pliés'
  • strong feeling that the man is feeling lonley: repetition of references to an empty chair such as, 'the other chair is pulled back as if someone will come', 'face the chair' and 'facing me is the chair'
  • 'There is water in the bottle but the flower is plastic' suggests that the idea of eating in restaurants is artifical and fake, and this makes him feel unconfortable. this is a co ordinating conjunction which links to sentences with opposite meanings.
  • 'A lily'  this connotes sadness as the lily is associated with funerals the short sentence emphisises his…


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