AS english lang and lit AQA B anthology 'food glorious food' 'The butcher's shop'

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'martyr's deaths'- shows animals are dying an undeserving death, they are innocent

'stiff as sunday manners'- simile, used to show the image of death, which is rather grusome which also connotes murder, this what a small child may think the butcher is doing to the animals when they see them like that

'voting tory all their lives'- didn't have a choice on how to live or what their fate would be.

'blue rosettes'- could suggest they wern't good enough, blue is second place in a country show to red.

'meaty smile, white apron stained with who knows what, fingers fat as sausages'- gives the butcher a nasty apperance…


Annabelle Ray


Thank you. This poem confused me so much!

Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR


Annabelle Ray no problem

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