AS education (functionalists percpective)

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Durkhiem believes that in order for society to survive, there needs to exist a sufficiant degree of homogoneyity, he believes that the eductaiton system helps to provide this by setting the children in from  the start by perpeturating and legitimating the widely accepted norms and values which collective life demands.

He believes the the school teaches children through both the hidden and formal curriculiam, the formal curriculiam being the teaching of spercific subjects and skills to the children such as ICT or Match etc. and the hidden curriculiam being everything else such as teaching techniques to puncturality.

Durkheim argues that the eductation system teaches the children co-operation by teaching them to work effectivdely with outhers than family members or those in their peer groups which prepairs them for adult society.

he also believes that the education system tells children that even though certian subjects such as ICT and English are tought seperatly, these skills are still required by each other which informs them that even though they have learnt their own spercific skill, this skill will play its part and work with other skills to allow the job to be done effectively (they play an inportant role within society).

Durkhiem argues that children are tought individuralism through developing their own…


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