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What are flaws? 

a fault in the pattern of reasoning and is always a WEAKNESS

1. Tu quoque: literally means "you too"...

attempt to justify an action on the basis that someone else is doing it too. We should base our conclusions on good reasons, not on what other people are doing... Let's look at an example: "Of course America should sign international agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Other countries have." - the fact that other countries have signed up to it is used to support the conclusion that America should sign up too. Yet, on its own, the fact that other countries have signed up is not enough reason for 

2. "two wrongs don't make a right"  

attempt to justify one bad action on the basis that another, different, bad action has been accepted.... 

3. Generalisations: hasty generalisation - drawing a general conclusion from insufficient evidence. sweeping generalisation - a form of stereotyping. The reasoning moves from some or many to ALL... It sometimes concludes back to an individual too e.g "they're all single mothers on benefits in Enfield. Laura is from Enfield so she must be a single mother on benefits."

4. Confusing correlation and cause - there may be a relationship between two things which happen at the same time but where…


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