As you like it: Act 1, Scene 1. ((Notes))

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1. The scene starts like many of Shakesperes plays, in media res, in the middle of a conversation. In this case about the Roland de Boys will. This has an effect on the audience because it becomes gossipy and draws the reader in, they are instantly intrigued and want to know more. 

2. The problem is the opening structural element in the play, before we learn any of the exposition. Orlando complains about his fathers will because all Oliver has to do is educate him but still he won't. 

3. Orlando uses lots of imagery to illustrate his lowly treatment e.g. 'the stalling of an ox', 'his horses are bred better'.

STYLE POINT: The repartee, wordplay and repetition are typical of comedies and the play. Here the phrase 'makes or mars me' is the wordplay. In our day we would say 'makes or breaks me'. 

4. Orlando remainds Oliver that the share one similarity: their fathers blood and spirit, therefore making them equals.

5. The 'courtesy of nations' (society) see's them as unequal because Oliver was born before Orlando, therefore he is entitled to more.

6. There are 2 meanings of Villien used here. Villein - a serf, the lowest status person, villain - the bad guy.

7. Orlando complains about being treated like a peasant. He believes an education separates a gentleman from a peasant as well as family name and class, class was…


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