As You Like It - Act 1, Scene 1

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Notes on the scene

Like many Shakespere plays, As You Like it begins in the middle of the action. Orlando informs the audience of the exposition of the play by arguing with his brother Oliver about how much inheritence he got from his fathers death with Orlando only gaining £250. His father also told Oliver in hi will to educate Orlando but Oliver treats him worse than the horses and will not educate him. 

No more his heard of the brother who is doing well at university 'Jaques de Boys' until the last scene of the play. There is however another Jaques who is a major character. 

Oliver is angered at Orlando's protests and thretens to strike him. But Orlando get there first and seizes Oliver, demanding his share of the will. Oliver appears to consent.

Orlandos lines about the prodigal son echo the parable in the bible about the Prodigal Son who spends all his inheritence stupidly and ends up having to eat pig food. 

Orlando is the younger brother but provves he is better at fighting than Oliver.

They continue to call each other 'Sir' even as they are fighting showing the formality of life in the town/court.

Oliver resolves to get rid of Orlando. Charles arrives with news of Duke…


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