AS poetry- jennings and larkin

  • "Tempermentally and geographically remote"- The Times 
  • "you write because you have to"- larkin 
  • "my life is as simple as I can make it"- larkin
  • " I don't know how anybody ever believed any of tha stuff"- larkin on the bible
  • an atheist - did not believe in an after life or God but feared death greatly 
  • "refused all invitations to be interviewed"- inclusive 
  • an introverted character, even from a young age at school 
  • full time job at Hull library and also Queen's University Belfast 
  • has answers in interviews are never detailed and give little to none about who he truly is 
  • Margaret Welden, "it would be disastrous to confuse Larkin with his narrator"
  • "interested with nature"- Andrew Motion 
  • "died at aged 63- his biggest fears made real ( aubade and dockery and son relate well to this"
  • part of the movement- believed in discussing vast concepts but confining them to traditional form 
  • Oxford uni graduate- well established academically 
  • believed he could not finish a poem until he had finished the last line
  • Monica Jones- "conflicted between wanting to be alone"- A VERY SEROUS RELATIONSHIP
  • he had affairs and long relationships but could never settle, "the greatest enemy of art is the pram in the hall"- he did not beleive in conventional marriage and family as he thought it would disrupt his art greatly 
  • "unhappiness provokes a


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