AS ICT Chapter 1

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Data:  the raw facts and figures. Its a set of alphanumeric characters, which have no meaning and are unprocessed by a computer.

e.g. 220987

Information: This is when data have been given context meaning and structure. 


E.g. 22/09/87 this is a date of birth is the european date format. 

Knowledge: this is the understanding of information and being able to apply it to situations.

e.g. This makes them 29 years old in September 2016

Ways of converying information: 

there are four ways to of conveying information: 

  • Human to Human 
  • Human to Computer 
  • Computer to Human 
  • Computer to Computer 



  • Doesnt rely on specific language 
  • Easy to understand
  • Easily conveys lots of information 
  • Can include sound and video


  • It is linear, if you


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