Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • It is a section of Computer Science that is concerned with making computers behave and act like humans.
  • At the moment, there are no computers that are capable to simulate human behaviour completely.
  • In the computer games industry, some of the best computer chess games/programs are now fully capable of beating humans.
  • Recent rapid changes in 2016 in the section of Artificial intelligence has caused concerns to the potential impact of Artificial intelligence to humans and society.

There are a few points outlined by the Edexcel exam board that could cause potential threats by Artificial intelligence:

  • Privacy - if a PC is able to listen to and analyse all human conversations, via telephone or email.
  • Human dignity - AI shouldn't be used for the purpose of jobs that actually require respect and care (e.g. a nurse)
  • Survival - AI could cause problems with trying to survive against more intelligent machines like AI.

Benefits by using AI

  • Expert systems - it will be able to make real-life decisions that may be done better than if a human would figure out these decisions. (e.g. disease diagnosis based on symptoms)
  • Precision - e.g. in


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