Arthritis & Osteoporosis

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4.2 How physical activity impacts on the development of the skeletal system.

The Skeletal System's response to Exercise

Short - term

The use of joints stimulates the usage of synovial fluid which becomes less viscous, enabling a greater range of movement.

Long - term

The connective tissue around the skeleton becomes more flexible. Over a period of time, the short-term improvements become sustained.

Skeletal bone increases in density as a result of exercise. This makes the bones stronger, preventing Osteoporosis.

Hyaline cartilage also thickens with exercise, which helps cushion the joint, preventing damage to the bone. 

Tendons thicken and the ligaments have a greater potential to stretch therefore preventing increased amounts of injury.

The bones contain calcium and phosphates which have been known to be of a higher percentage in those who play a lot of sport.


This is an inflammation of a joint.

Two of the most common forms


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