Art of Pompeii

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Perseus and Andromeda

Date: most likely 50 - 79 A.D (unsure)

Found: House of the Dioscouri

Size: 93cm by 106cm, (width by length)

The scene shows the culminating moment when Perseus has just killed the sea monster and is releasing Andromeda.

The Myth: Perseus had just killed the Gorgon Medusa. She can turn a living creature to stone by the stare of her eyes, even if meduas is dead. On the way back to Seriphos, Perseus stopped in the Phoenician Kingdom, Ethiopia, reuled by King Kepheus and Queen Kassiopeia. Kassiopeia had boasted she was equal in beauty to Aphrodite, ( the goddess of love. In vengence Poseidon sent a destructive flood and a sea monster, Ceto. The oracle Ammon announced that ni relif would be found until the King exposed his daughter Andromeda to the monster. So she was


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