Aristotles Prime Mover

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Aristotle's Prime Mover:

The world is transient; it is constantly changing

If nothing acted on A, then it would stay the same and not move. So if A is moving it must be being moved by B, which in turn is being moved by C, and so on.

Aristotle posits that all movement (not just motion but all kinds of change) has a mover

The concept of movement or change is eternal - there cannot be a first or last change. For example, we can observe movement in ‘the heavens’ (in space) with no apparent beginning or end.

Aristotle argued that this eternal movement points to a mover that does not move itself. It cannot be the efficient cause of movement because an efficient causer would move itself.

Newton’s third law of motion:
‘action and reaction are equal and opposite’

Thus Aristotle argues that the




HI! i was following this up until the last 'thought' part. im not quote sure i understand it, we never covered ti in class, but also, i dont understand how a God, especialy an Aristotelian one wouldnt know of his creations?  But it was helpful, thanks! 

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