Aristotle - The Prime Mover

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Aristotle: The Prime Mover

Aristotle disagreed with Infinite Regress. Something must have started off all the movement and been the initial cause of everything. He called this the "Prime Mover" 

The Domino Effect: If the universe was a chain of dominoes, the Prime Mover is what started the Dominos moving,. The "final cause" of everything. Logically it couldn't have been part of the chain, otherwise it would need to have been moved by another domino.

Aristotle sees a dynamic universe that is always moving and eerything is a state of motion. MOTION = RELATIVE.

God = "Demiurge" an unmoved mover.

A potential infinite can exist through numbers (through adding one) - this is the same with Time.

God was created "creatio ex nihilo"  compares to Einstein:  MC(squared) is a massive amount of energy in a tiny bit of matter - don't need lots of matter to have lots of energy.


Aristotle thought "there must be a mover that moves them, without being moved, eternal and substance and actual" 

ETERNAL: Doesn't depend on anything else for its existence, it would have to be eternal otherwise it would require a cause. If it had a cause, it wouldn't be the final cause.

PERFECT: It is the object of desire and love - this causes things to move towards it. This


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