Arguments for and against Euthanasia

Arguments for:

  • Personal autonomy - Doctors have to respect their patient's wish as per the Good Medical Practice guide for doctors (2006). 
  • Quality of life principle - Person's life could be diminshing and prevent them from having a decent existence.
  • Ends a patient's suffering - Death is often preceded by serious pain.
  • Not allowing it will put extra pressure on society - People can be left with no one to care for them.
  • Shortens suffering to a patient's family - Reduces length of suffering.
  • Allows us to legalise and regulate what already happens - e.g. The Principle of Double Effect.
  • No difference between withdrawing treatment (passive and legal euthanasia) and delivering a lethal injection (active and illegal euthanasia) - Passive euthansia could actually be more painful than active euthanasia due to the patient living in pain for


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