Arguments about pressure groups and comparing pressure groups


Arguments about Pressure Groups 

  • They can lobby on behalf of those not represented in congress, NAACP lobbying on behalf of African Americans 
  • However lobbying does lead to revolving door syndrome, Congressmen such as **** Armery 
  • They can also educate people about special intereasts, League of Conservative voters about the environment 
  • However this can lead to single issue groups, not concerned with wider issues, the league only care about the environment, not about other issues such as buisness or the economy 
  • Pressure groups can also advise courts, amicus curae breifings such as in Heller v Washington DC where the NRA were consulted 
  • However they can also influence negatively on the courts, NRA encoraging tea party to block Merick Garland in 2016 
  • They do encourage greater political


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