Area of Study 4 - Capercaillie - Skye Waulking Song

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Capercaillie Skye Waulking Song


Skye Waulking Song, by Capercaillie, is a traditional Scottish folk song. It has been arranged by the band Capercaillie, using some instruments and production techniques of pop music, and so it is an example of Celtic/Pop fusion.


The piece is scored for many instruments, which are a low female voice, a violin, an accordion, the pipes, a synth, a bouzouki, a Wurlitzer piano, a bass and a drum kit. Some of these instruments are classic Scottish ones, whereas some belong more in the Pop culture, showing the fusion between instruments.


The name Waulking came from the process of making tweed fabrics. Women would sing songs while they were working. There is a call and response feel, with everyone joining in at the chorus. The song is a lament (a song of mourning).


The song is in E minor, in 12/8 time. It begins with a sustained synth cluster chord, then a violin tremolo comes in. After this, the bass, drum kit and the piano enter; however the drum kits rhythm makes


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