Area of study 2 Something's Coming Bernsteing

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                Area of study 2. Something’s coming


  • A musical is a play that is sung , it is similar to an opera however more popular

  • It is designed to be sung by actors

  • Early musical developed in the 1920’s

  • They were formed from songs that were linked by acted scenes to form a story

  • Over time the scenes and songs combined

  • The music became more sophisticated and included harmonies and rhythms


  • Bernstein was a famous composer

  • West side story was his most famous musical

  • He composed works in many genres

  • Bernstein was a skilled pianist, conductor and broadcaster

  • His works were influenced by jazz and many 20th century composers

Something’s coming

  • It was composed in 195

  • The story is based on ‘Romeo and Juliette’

  • West Side Story is set in New York and tells the story of two rival gangs – the ‘Jets’ (

  • American) and the ‘Sharks’ (Puerto Rican) who fight for control of the neighbourhood. In these gangs are Tony (Jet) who is the lead male, he falls in love with Maria (Shark), they meet secretly however the feud between the gangs carry on and Tony…


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