Area of Study 3 - Moby - Why does my Heart feel so bad

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Moby Why does my Heart feel so bad?



Why does my Heart feel so bad?’ by Moby, was written in 1999, and featured in the album named ‘Play’. Moby himself worked as a DJ and a producer, and this song of his was Club Dance Music, which originated in the 1970s, from mixing and scratching records in clubs.

The tempo is a steady 98bm, with a time signature of 4/4. The tonality of the piece is A modal minor, however there are a large variety of chords used throughout the song. In the first sample sequence, a male voice from a 1959 gospel choir, the chord sequence is first heard in the first chorus as C-C-Am-Am-C-C-Am-Am, and in the second chorus is F-F-C-C-F-F-C-C. The male voice is A


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