Aquinas' Natural Law


Aquinas' Natural Law:

The Five Primary Precepts;

-They apply to all human beings without exception, they lead us towards the main human purpose. The main human purpose is 'act in such a way as to achieve good and avoid evil.'

-The precepts are; preserve innocent life, living in an ordered society, worship God, Educate children and Reproduce in order to continue the species.

-They help us to identify which acts are 'good' and if we fulfil these purposes they will bring us closer to God and gain eternal life in Heaven.

The Secondary Precepts;

-They are deduced from the primary precepts. However, the difference is that the primary precepts are always true and universally but the secondary precepts aren't strictly universal because they may not hold in certain circumstances.

-An example of a secondary precepts would be 'do not steal,' it reflects the primary precept of 'orderly living in society' however it is accepted that there are certain situations were not following secondary precepts…


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