aqa unit 1 physics revison notes.

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infrared radiation involves the transfer of heat energyby electromagnetic radiation also called thermal. No particles of matter are involved in the process. 

All objects emit and absorb infrared radiation.

the hotter an object is the more infrared radiation it radiates.

the amount of infrared radiation an object gives out or takes i depends on its surface, shape and dimensions.

an object will emit and absorb infrared radiation faster if there is bigger difference in temperature betweem its and its surrounding. Different materials transfer thermal energy at different rates.

At the same temperture dark, matt surface..

emit more infrared radiation than light, shiny surface.

absorb more infrared radiation than light, shiny surface.

Light,shiny surface are good reflectors of infrared radiation. An example of a good reflector of infrared radiation. An example of a good reflector is the 'silvering' on the inside of a vacuum flask.


Kinetic theory explains the different states and properties of matter in terms of the movement of the millions of particles. The particles of gases, liquids and soilds have differnt amount of energy.

The atoms/molecules that make up a gas are always moving. they move very quickly in random directions, colliding with each other and with the walls of the container they are in.

 when the temperture increases....

: the gas molecules move faster

:the collisions become more intense.

When the temperture falls....

the fas molecules move more slowly

the molecules…





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