AQA Psychology UNIT 1

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The main methods used by psychologists to carry out their research include:

  • experiments
  • correlation techniques
  • self-report techniques (questionnaires and interviews)
  • observational techniques
  • case studies

Psychologists use research methods and techniques to gather and make sense of the data they produce. Their data can be either quantitative (numerical e.g. time in seconds) or qualitative data (non-numerical e.g. verbal reports of how ppts feel about something).

Theme A - Experimental and non-experimental methods

Experimental method:

When carrying out an experiment, a researcher always intervenes directly in the situation being investigated by manipulating at least one variable.

IV = the variable manipulated by the experimenter that is presumed to have an effect on the DV (control)

DV = the variable affected by changes in the IV (measure)

To be confident that only the IV produced any change in the DV, the researcher must ensure that…


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