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Conformity: A change of behaviour due to pressure or group norms.

Kelman suggests 2 types of Conformity

Compliance: Gain approval, follow majority, public views change but private views change
Internalisation: Following majority as you've been convinced your wrong, accepted the groups attitude and point of view as your own, seen as the deepest level of conformity.

Dual process model explains these 2 types of conformity.
Normative social influence: Wanted to be accepted,fear rejection,majority controls viewpoint and impact greatest on strangers.
Informationa social inlfluence: Like to be right, both public and private views change, stronger when the situation is ambiguous, rapid action needed, you think others are experts


Asch's study:lines experiment
:volunteers participated
:123 male participants ( American undergraduates)
:75 % conformed at least once
Reasons for conforming: Distortion of perception
: Distortion of judgement (Informational)
: Distortion of Action (Compliane)
Weakness:Limited sample, Eagly and carly carried out a meta analysis and found woman complied more then men (Gender differences)
:Lack validity, as judging line length is an insignificant task (No strong views so they may not be bothered)
Strength:Can be applied to the real world

Sherif's study:Autokinetc effect
Stationary spot of light in a dark room
:Tested individually then in groups
Each participant developed a personal norm
:Later the norms were grouped together
:Group norm replaces personal norm
Positive Rating! ( to an authority is when people…


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