aqa p2 physics

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Distance time graphs

the slope on a distance time graph represents speed.

the steeper the slop the greater the speed.

the speed of a body is the distance travelled each second which is calculated using the equation

speed(m/s)=distance(m)/time taken(s)


velocity and accerleration


velocity is the speed in a given direction

acceleration is change of velocity per second

 we can calculate acceleration using this equation

acceleration(m/s=change in velocity/time taken for the change

A velocity time graph ( 

if the acceleration works out as a negative number it means the body is decelerating- slowing down

  • the slope of the line represents acceleration
  • the steeper the slope greater the acceleration
  • if the slope is negative, the body is decelerating
  • the area under the line on the graph represents the distance travelled in a given time


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