AQA Biology - Unit One - Healthy Human Bodies (Part 2/4)

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Unit One Biology

Healthy Bodies (P2/4)


Welcome to this 4 part series intending to give you all the information you need through Unit One of AQA biology.

Part One - Human Body

Part Two - Healthy Bodies

Part Three - Evolution

Part Four - Genetics/Human's and the Enviroment 

 Healthy Diets

A Healthy diet contains the correct balance of: Carbs, fats, protiens, fibre, vitamins, minerals and water. The amounts of each, vary depending on lifestyle, and individual bodies (i.e genes).

If a diet is not balance correctly, this leads to MALNOURISHMENT. Malnourishment, means that you can be more susceptible to some diseases, and also has impacts on the heart, and other organs. 

 Health Problems Linked To Diet and Exercise.

In the developed world: 

- Arthitus (from being fat)
- Heart Deaiese (from high levels of fat and cholesterol)
- High Blood Pressure (High levels of salt)
- Diabetes (High Blood Sugar)

 In poor parts of the world:

- Reduced immunity to disease 
- Irregular Periods  

This is because richer parts of the world can afford a lot of food, and our growingly lazy lifestyles don't burn off the energy which is then stored in the body.

To improve our diet we can control the amount of exercise we do, the amount of salt and cholesterol we take in. 


Cholesterol is a chemical which is naturally made in the liver, however our diet and genes control how much cholesterol the liver makes and how much is found in our blood.

 Cholesterol is carried around the body by chemicals called lipoprotiens, which are made from fat, and protein. 

HDL = GOOD! Keeps heart healthy!
LDL = VERY BAD! Increased blood pressure and so increases chance of heart disease 


Salt can cause high blood pressure although is needed for the body to function. A Balance is needed!

Food which are high in salt are: Processed food.

Saturated and Unsaturated fats are important in maintained a good balance of lipoproteins and salt.  Unsaturated leads to more HDLs, and LDLs are caused by saturated fats. 


Drugs are substances which affect how the body works. They can be medicinal, or recreational. Most recreational drugs are illegal, however Nicotine, and Alcohol do not follow this statement. 

Many drugs have beneficial effects if used for the right purpose. Although nearly every drugs


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