AQA Biology - Unit One - Evolution (Part 3/4)

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Unit One Biology

Evolution (P3/4)


Welcome to this 4 part series intending to give you all the information you need through Unit One of AQA biology.

Part One - Human Body

Part Two - Healthy Bodies

Part Three - Evolution

Part Four - Genetics/Human's and the Environment 


 Theory of Evolution

The theory of evolution was proposed by many people, and each have a different mechanism for how it occurred. Evolution states that all life forms on the earth have evolved from simple lifeforms which first appeared 3 billion years ago. 

The evidence of evolution is show in fossil records, (however they are not complete which can be used as evidence against evolution), futhermore, you can see it in action in virus mutations etc..

 Natural Selection


Natural selection is a mechanism which was proposed by Charles Darwin to explain Evolution. 

Natural Selection states that an organism passes on it's genes in reproduction if it is capable enough to survive. When it reproduces it is shown that the creature


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