AQA AS Unit 1 Introduction to Organic Chemistry 3.1.5

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Empirical formula - the simplest ratio of atoms of each element in a compound.

Molecular formula - the actual number of atoms of each element in a molecule.

Structural formula - shows the unique arrangement of atoms in a molecule in a simplified form without sowing all the bonds.

Displayed formula - shows all the bonds present in a molecule.

Homologous series - a family of organic molecules which all contain the same functional group, but have an increasing number of carbon atoms.

Functional group - an atom or group of atoms which, when present in different molecules, causes them to have similar chemical properties.

Root  No. of C atoms

meth  1

eth  2

prop 3

but 4

pent 5

hex 6

alkane - no double bonds

alkene - double bond

Prefixes (added to the beginning of


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