AQA- AS English Language Key terms

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AS English Language Key words and terms


Abbreviations- this is a shortened form of a word or phrase e.g. ‘wed’ or ‘delish’.

Abstract noun- this is a noun that refers to a concept, state, quality, feeling or emotion. You often can’t see it or touch it e.g. ‘love’ or ‘tension’.

Accent- this is the pronunciation of words. Regional accents include Cockney and Geordie.

Accommodation theory- this theory suggested that we adjust our speech to ‘accommodate’ the person we are addressing. For example, if we were speaking to the queen we would adjust our speech by using overt prestige and made sure we used Standard English

Acronym- this is a word formed from the initial letter of other words (e.g. LOL comes from laugh out loud).

Active voice- when the subject of a verb is the agent performing the action (e.g. ‘the police caught the burglar’).

Adjacency pair- these are two part exchanges following a predictable pattern and found in conversations (e.g. question followed by answer).

Adjective- a word that describes a noun, it is a describing word (E.g. ‘big’, ‘fast’).

Adverb- this is a word that tells us more about a verb or adjective, it describes a verb. It usually ends in ‘ly’ E.g. ‘slowly’, ‘quietly’’.

Adverbial phrase- this is a word of group of words working as an adverb, using giving information about time, place or manner. E.g. ‘I saw him at the concert’.

Affix- groups of letters forming part of a word, usually a prefix (before) or a suffix (after).

Affixation- this is the process of adding an affix before (prefix) or after (suffix) an existing word to change either its meaning or grammatical function.

Alliteration- when two or more words begin with the same sound.

Amelioration- this is a change in the meaning of a word that gives the word a meaning that is more positive.

Anaphoric reference- this is a word, usually a pronoun, or expression in a text that refers back to another part of the text.

Analogy- the use of a comparison between two cases, implying that is this comparison words, then the two cases have many similarities.

Antithesis- a type of rhetorical language where contrasting ideas or words are balances against each other, e.g. it’s just too good for Green, and just too bad for the goalkeeper.

Antonym- this is a word that is opposite in meaning to another word.

Article- this is a kind of determiner that shows if the reference to a noun in general or indefinite (a/an) or specific or definite (the).

Aspect- a verb’s aspect shows whether the action it refers to is already completed, or if it is still taking place.

Assimilation- when sounds next to each other in a spoken word or sentence are pronounced differently from how they normally would be to make them easier to say.

Assonance- when the vowel sounds




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