AQA AS Chemistry Unit 2: Redox Reactions

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Chemistry Unit 2: Redox Reactions


Redox: Reaction where both reduction and oxidation take place

Oxidation: The gain of oxygen, loss of hydrogen and loss of electrons

Reduction: The loss of oxygen, gain of hydrogen and gain of electrons

Oxidising Agent: Causes oxidation, causes gain of oxygen and loss of hydrogen and electrons. The agent itself is reduced in the reaction

Reducing Agent: Causes reduction, causes loss of oxygen and gain of hydrogen and electrons. The agent itself is oxidised in the reaction

Oxidation and Reduction

  • Half equations are used to show the gain or loss of electrons

  • In a reaction if an ion takes no part in the actual reaction it is known as a spectator ion

  • In a chemical reaction if one species is oxidised another must be reduced

Oxidising and Reducing Agents

  • Reducing agents give away electrons so are electron donors

  • Oxidising agents accept electrons

  • Reducing agents causes an increase in oxidation number thus their oxidation number decreases

  • Oxidising


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