AQA AS Chemistry Unit 2 Extraction of Metals Notes

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Extraction of Metals Notes

Ore- A natural substance that a metal can be economically extracted from.

  • Sulifde ore is converted into Sulfur oxide by being roated in air.
  • Sulfur dioxide causes acid rain.

       Zinc can be found as a sulfide.

2ZnS + 3O2 ------> 2ZnO  + 2SO2


By converting sulfur dioxide to sulfuric acid a pollutant is avoided and a valuable product is made – sulphuric acid is in demand because it’s used in many chemical and manufacturing processes.

Iron, Manganese and Copper (Equations and Conditions):


2Fe2O3 + 3C ------>  4Fe + 3CO2

Fe2O3 + 3CO ------->  2Fe + 3CO2


700 degrees in a blast furnance.


MnO+ C -------->   Mn + CO2

MnO2  + 2CO  -------->  Mn + 2CO2


This needs higher temperatures than iron(III) oxide - about 1200 degrees.


2CuCO+ C   --------> Cu + 3CO2

CuCO+ CuO -------->   


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